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5 Reasons that keep women from starting their own business

Many people dream of having the freedom of setting their own hours and being their own boss, however many people never actualize the plans to start their own business. What are the five biggest things that keep women from starting their own business.

  1. Fear

  2. Lack of Support

  3. Finances

  4. Time Committment

  5. Failure



The fear of failure, and the uncertainty whether the venture will be successful is one of the many reasons many women do not start their own business. They get tied down to working for their bosses, working according to their bosses’ demands and schedules, and often struggle with balancing work and personal life. Often, this fear is baseless, but mostly this fear is a result of many other factors impacting a woman’s life.



Often times women do not have the support from their loved ones to propel them into achieving their dreams. This is a difficult journey to undertake on your own, and with constant criticism and questioning, it becomes even harder to take the leap of faith. It is imperative that women build a support network that helps them towards fulfilling their dreams.


Let’s be honest, the biggest reason any of us ever goes to work is financial independence and the ability to support ourselves. In a cut throat environment, where living expense are constantly rising, both partners need to work to support a family. This is one of the biggest reasons women will not start their own business.

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